The Hasselblad Snapshot

Olive Buck likes ice cream.

Olive Buck – two things can elicit this smile: swimming and ice cream (rarely together).

I have literally thousands of pictures of my daughter – buried away in folders on my computer.

So this summer I decided to go back to film. Putting aside any arguments about the value of film vs. digital, there is something magical when a family snapshot is on film. And it just so happened that we’d planned a vacation with my siblings and parents in Thousand Island Park NY giving me plenty of material.

I was worried that as soon as I picked up a serious camera I’d go into work mode (not compatible with vacation mode!), but since I haven’t shot my Hasselblad for a job since the late 90s it didn’t happen.

Instead I got some delightful photos of my family, and also got in some swimming, a few gin and tonics and finished Mark Maron‘s great memoir, Attempting Normal.

My wife, Michelle Golden.

My lovely wife, Michelle Golden.

Flynn Burgess receiving a henna tattoo from his father, as the pieta.

Flynn Burgess getting a henna tattoo from his father, while re-creating the pieta.

Sequoia Buck and Olive on the front porch.

Cousins on the front porch, Sequoia Buck and Olive.

Patrick Burgess gives my dad a haircut.

My brother-in-law Patrick Burgess gives my dad a haircut.

Olive reaching

Olive Buck reaching the United States.

Luckily, she wasn't on my shoulders the entire week.

With the Hasselblad in action (luckily my daughter wasn’t on my head the entire week).

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8 Responses to The Hasselblad Snapshot

  1. Linda Kuo says:

    Wonderful. Just wonderful

  2. LInda Buck says:

    Love it Chris! Some priceless shots! Thanks for sharing great memories.

  3. Nice post to begin my own family vacation. Thanks.

  4. Thomas Clayton says:

    Love it. Digital’s a fad anyway.

  5. David Hobby says:

    Indeed, wonderful. And I am gonna bet $5 that you are using the little point and shoot on the table in the last photo as a Polaroid back/light meter

  6. Mandy Powers says:

    Love the United States one. I hope you have prints in addition to the scans!

  7. John Waire says:

    Good schtuff! Hard not to smile while looking at these.

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