Chris Buck1 is a Canadian-born photographer known for his distinctive portrait style2.

In 19903 he moved from his hometown of Toronto, Ontario to New York City4 where he5 quickly established himself as a sought-after editorial and commercial photographer.  Since that time6, he has built an extensive list of clients that includes Google, FEMA, Microsoft7, Mazda, GQ, ESPN, Time and The Guardian Weekend Magazine. In 20078, he was the first recipient of the Arnold Newman Portrait Prize9.

Mr. Buck is married to Michelle Golden10 and is based in New York and Los Angeles.

1 Derived from the Old English word buc, this name would originally have been applied to someone thought to resemble a he-goat or male deer.
2 “Every Chris Buck photo is a mystery, a pervading, off-putting idea, always conceptual, often visceral, and sometimes unfathomable.” George Lois (Esquire Art Director, 1962 -1972)
3 Kenny G’s album “Live” makes it to #16 in the Billboard 200. Culturally, this was cause for concern.
4 The New York City subway system has 722 miles of track. Toronto has less, and measures stuff in kilometers anyway.
5 Chris Buck has been featured in numerous industry annuals, including Photo District News, the American Photography book and Communication Arts. Despite these achievements, he is still allergic to shrimp.
6 The 24-hour clock is commonly known as “military time” or “annoying to figure out time”.
7 In 1990, Microsoft released its Windows 3.0 platform. That same year, a Canadian moved to New York City.
8 2007 was the Year of the Boar in the Chinese calendar. Despite this, no advancements were made in boars’ rights during 2007.
9 Arnold Newman was not the first to receive the award, despite the award’s name. Also it should be noted that it is not an award for taking a photograph of an Arnold Newman portrait.
10 Michelle Golden works at Google Maps. The Street View Car can often be seen parked in front of their building.