Foley Gallery Gallery Talk

David Lynch, from PRESENCE, 2006

The FOLEY exhibition features David Lynch, PRESENCE, 2006, amongst 12 others.

I’m pleased to announce that this Saturday I’ll be on hand at the Foley Gallery to discuss the Presence exhibition with Conor Risch, Senior Editor at Photo District News. The conversation will begin at 4PM, February 16th, and will be followed by a book signing and libations.

FOLEY is at 97 Allen Street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The seating will be limited at the gallery, and there are few copies of the book available elsewhere, so this will be a unique event in a number of ways.

Hide and Seek: CELEBRITY SIGHTING, Conor Risch’s article in the August 2012 issue of PDN, was one of the first stories about the project and certainly set the bar high for future pieces. I’m excited to continue the conversation with Mr. Risch.

And, this except from a recent review by DKL Collection frames the exhibition well:

My first, and admittedly infantile reaction to these pictures was to try to break the code, to locate the place where in the bathroom where Robert De Niro was concealed or to figure out how Jay Leno hid behind his car in the parking lot, my brain still wired to maniacally search for the star, to hit the button for the endorphin reward. As I circled the gallery and frustration gave way to failure, I began to see the real power of the images. We subconsciously attribute value to places graced by the presence of celebrities, going all the way back to the George Washington slept here phenomenon. Somehow David Lynch’s back yard, John Hamm’s cinder block parking space, or David Byrne’s office (complete with a flat packed Big Suit) seems full of some kind of special essence; we care more about a hotel foyer because Russell Brand is hiding there or are suddenly more interested in a striped curtain because Weird Al Yankovic is standing behind it.

I think Buck’s inversions are clever and will likely be durably insightful; I can certainly imagine a big museum exhibit of celebrity portraiture ending with one of Buck’s images, deftly pulling the rug out from under the previously contented viewers. It’s a great example of photographing the unphotographable, exposing the quirky passions and fixations that lurk in our minds.

" I like dog heads." David Lynch, photographed for Entertainment Weekly.

” I like dog heads.” David Lynch, photographed for Entertainment Weekly.

Photo Editor Michael Kochman attests to Mr. Lynch participating in Presence.

Photo Editor Michael Kochman attests to Mr. Lynch participating in Presence.

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