Apostrophe Placement

We're on! Nakeya Brown, myself, Kelly Montez and Nathalie Cordoba.

We’re on! With Nakeya Brown, Kelly Montez & Nathalie Cordoba, at the new Apostrophe office.

I’m proud to announce that Apostrophe is my new U.S. rep!

The search for a new agent was careful and methodical, involving conversations with colleagues, producers and, most importantly, client friends. One art buyer said that she likes working with them so much that she looks for jobs to shoot with Apostrophe. Another emphasized that doing a shoot with them is worry-free, they are rock-solid and reliable. When I had a chance to meet with Kelly Montez myself I could see why my client friends were so smitten, she has a quiet mix of ambition and decency that instills confidence.

The agency, led by Kelly, and with her stellar team of Nathalie Cordoba, Nakeya Brown and Jenifer Guskay already has an impressive and in-demand, roster, which includes my friends Levi Brown and Catherine Ledner.

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One Response to Apostrophe Placement

  1. Congratulations and much success with Apostrophe Chris! Cheers!!

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