Toronto Christmas 1952

George & Grannie Xmas

I asked my father, George Buck, who recently turned 79, to give me some background on this photo of him on Christmas day, taken circa 1952.

Christmas was a family affair with mom preparing a traditional multi-course dinner; she was in her element with her children and grandchildren gathered around.

I believe that this photo was shot in the living room of our home at 492 Dovercourt Rd. I was 19 or so, in my 2nd or 3rd year of Engineering at the University of Toronto. Mom looks happy in this picture, I wouldn’t be surprised if the gift is from her.

When we were children we weren’t allowed to go downstairs (to the living room & Christmas tree) until our parents had checked to see if Santa had been there yet. My three sisters and I would line up at the top of the stairs at 5 AM bursting with anticipation.

In later years we would go to the midnight mass at the Jesuit seminary with all the priests singing Latin hymns in a procession under candle light; it was very solemn.

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