Picture Andy Warhol

Austro-Hungarians re-make New York in their own image. Weegee and Andy Warhol, 1967.

I was Google-searching for reference images today and came across this amazing photo of Weegee and Andy Warhol. Two of my favorite people from very different worlds having a moment together.

This whet my appetite for more photographs of Warhol with my cultural heroes, so below is a little gallery of such.

Warhol and Alfred Hitchcock, 1974. Andy tries to explain the role of the mcguffin in his own films. Photo by Jill Krementz.

Not sure why this picture is in here.

It’s hard to pin-point the exact moment when Andy Warhol stopping caring but it was certainly before this picture was taken. With Gavin MacLeod, on The Love Boat set, 1985.

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