Mad Man George Lois

George Lois, from our February 2003 sitting for the Telegraph Weekend Magazine.

I did a shoot with Bloomberg Businessweek a year ago that felt very George Lois Esquire to me so I blogged about it as such. This caught the eye of advertising creative Matt Jones (with Adcetera), who was planning a thorough sit down interview with the great man, and asked to use my portrait as one of the illustrations for his piece.

Here are the links to the two-part conversation. Part One focuses on Lois’s thoughts on Mad Men, as it’s brought attention to the period in which Lois was working primarily in advertising, and in Part Two he gives some advice for those looking to make their mark today.

Matt Jones’ interview with George Lois: Damn Good Advice from Legendary Ad Man, George Lois,_Part_One

And, Part Two: Damn Good Advice from Legendary Ad Man, George Lois: Part Two

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One Response to Mad Man George Lois

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for the re-post, Chris. If you are ever in Texas again, I’d love to met up and grab a cocktail.

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