Presence is Present

PRESENCE cover, featuring the Russell Brand portrait. Published by Kehrer Verlag.

I’m pleased to say that my first book PRESENCE: The Invisible Portrait is out and available now. It is currently in stock at The International Center of Photography in New York, the Hollywood location of Hennessey & Ingalls bookstore in Los Angeles and Type Books on Queen West in Toronto. One can also purchase it via Amazon and Barnes& It is a print run of 1000, so those serious about getting it should do so soon.

The book is a collection of fifty portraits of celebrities in which they are not visible in the frame. Simply put, they are hiding in the photographs. The sitters include Robert De Niro, Chuck Close, Cindy Sherman, William Shatner, Günter Grass, Weird Al Yankovic, Nick Cave, Jon Hamm, Sarah Silverman, Snoop Dogg, Russell Brand and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

It is designed by the stellar Stephen Gates, and published by Kehrer Verlag, of Heidelberg, Germany. The foreword is written by Rodney Rothman, a writer and film producer who introduced me to Russell Brand – our cover star!

The project has gotten some great press already, from here in the United States (GQ, Huffington Post, Photo District News), Canada (National Post, Plaid, Toro), Germany (TagesanzeigerZeit) and China (攝人絮語).

Here is a website dedicated to the book:

Cindy Sherman, from PRESENCE

Robert De Niro, from PRESENCE

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