The G Question

A random Google Image search brings up “G” from the Name Train

Last week Crystal Bishop from JK Reps, my Canadian agent’s office, emailed me a quick questionnaire, all centered on the letter “g”. Is it telling? You be the judge.

It’s another letter-themed interview! For this month’s segment, we settled on eight “G” themed questions for Mr. Chris Buck (there’s a lottery system, I promise).

We fired our list off to Chris, and before we’d even made coffee, this was sitting in our inbox. Brilliant!

1) Getaway!

Hiking in South America.

2) Golf?

Boring sport, great photo location.

3) Guts–your thoughts?

I do enjoy tripe on occasion.

4) Garish =

Hotel room curtains

5) Gentlemen always call the next day.

6) A Generational thing:

Considering social media social.

7) Rhymes with Greg:

Peg leg

8) Name three things within your immediate periphery that begin with the letter “G

Gatto, Google, Genesis

And there you have it, folks.  A deeper look inside the mind of Chris Buck. Thanks, Chris!

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