Hear BUCK live!

The poster for the blow-out album release party for BUCK: A Soundtrack by Joshua Trinidad

In January of this year Joshua Trinidad, a young Jazz musician, contacted me asking if he could use my photographs as inspiration for some new compositions. I, of course, re-read the email three times to make sure that I was understanding this correctly.

Over the past 6 months I have wanted to release an album that speaks from the heart and tells a story, but I have been unsuccessful with developing my thoughts and frankly have not been inspired. Recently I was on your website, looking at your pictures and it hit me all it once; your photos were speaking to me and lifted my spirits to create something with a purpose that is truly powerful!

How could I say deny him? I was odd, yes, but also super flattering.

Now, here we are, eight months later and he’s ready to premiere the work in New York – impressive. And the album is pretty great too!

Mr. Joshua Trinidad and myself, after a nice lunch in Little Italy yesterday. Here, he hands me the finished CD of BUCK. Photo by Eric Reichbaum.

Each track is inspired by a specific photograph of mine, including Harry Dean Stanton, Bjork, Buckethead (from the HP series) and Caroline Hodge ISN’T Oprah Winfrey.

The packaging for the album includes the ten photographs connected to the tracks.

Tomorrow night, Friday August 17th, 2012, is the release party and concert for BUCK: A Soundtrack by Joshua Trinidad at Sycamore, in Brooklyn (see the poster above for full details). Hope to see you there!

And, you can buy the CD here: Joshuatrinidad.com


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One Response to Hear BUCK live!

  1. Linda Kuo says:

    Fantastic! Great story. Inspiring on so many levels.

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