50th Anniversary

George Buck and Margo Oulster, about to be wed, on May 26th, 1962. According to family legend my maternal grandmother spent the remainder of their squandered fortune on my parents’ wedding, hiring one of the top shooters in Toronto at the time. I retrospectively approve.

Fifty years ago today my parents were married. They continue to live in the house that my siblings and I grew up in, in an old suburb of Toronto. Wonderful and decent people, they are always a pleasure to return home to.

Fifty years of marriage is impressive in so many ways, but their example of love and patience and goodwill is what stands out for me. I’ve been married for eight years and I regularly think of how my parents have conducted their relationship — during my childhood and on-going now — when my wife and I hit a stumbling block or have an important decision to make.

They are a great couple and an amazing example. Much love and congratulations Mom and Dad – well done!

When I first bought a Hasselblad in 1989 I tested it by shooting with my parents in the backyard.

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2 Responses to 50th Anniversary

  1. Best to your mum and dad, Chris – I’ve always gotten a kick out of them. Great people.

  2. Marilyn says:

    What wonderful pictures to have!! Margo–how gorgeous you are in that photo!
    Thanks for sending these–lovely write up too.

    Congrats and hugs to you both, Marilyn

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