Taking the Camera for “A Day”

My daughter Olive, with driver Pallo, while our nanny, Desiree Cato watches over, 6th Ave

A few months ago my friend, and long-time Guardian Weekend Magazine client, Kate Edwards forwarded me an email about a planned world photography day, call A DAY. It’s the not kind of thing that I would usually participate in (I’m “not a joiner” as my wife would say) but I really like Kate, and respect her taste so I decided to be open to it.

Their directives were to take your camera along for the day and try to think outside the box. As I don’t generally carry my camera around, or specialize in candid photographs, I was definitely outside of my comfort zone.

The most important errand of the day was to take my daughter Olive up to 51st Street to get a photo done for her Canadian Citizenship application (as far as I know the only one place in the city knows how to do this correctly). This was of course especially inviting as midtown Manhattan is the traditional place for New York street photography – the ghosts of Diane Arbus and Garry Winogrand were with us.

Overall, it was a fun experiment to be looking for photo moments all day long, and I’ll certainly submit an edit to the project, but I’ll stick with scheduled sessions going forward.

Sal, working for Radio City Music Hall, directs participants to an event at 51st Street & 5th Ave.

Olive gets her photo taken for her Canadian Citizenship ID, at Columbia Photo on 51st Street

Browsing for the bargain books at The Strand, on 12th Street and Broadway

Caught off guard on a rainy day, still a stylish New Yorker

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2 Responses to Taking the Camera for “A Day”

  1. Olivia Griselda says:

    Great shots! I participated in the “A Day” project too.

  2. Linda Kuo says:

    Olivia is just TOO cute!! Love the Strand shot.

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