Direct Mailer Part 5: Take a Photographer Hunting

Green Target, from the EUPHEMIST promo

Spin Magazine hired me to trail Oliver North for three days when he ran for one of Virginia’s Senate seats in 1994. My primary medium at the time was the Hasselblad and the magazine encouraged me to shoot black-and-white – which bought me a little flexibility with the more sensitive ASA films.

As we were on the move continually it was impractical to use a tripod so most everything was shot handheld, backing my elbows against my sides for a little added stability.

Our last stop was a sportsman’s convention, primarily selling firearms and knives. When our access to the candidate was finished I took my time wandering around the various booth and displays, and in the back corner was a fully functional shooting range, set up by the National Rifle Association. I waited in line and when my turn came up I shot two targets, one aiming only for the center, and the other (shown here, and featured in the folds of my EUPHEMIST promo) looking to get the four corners, as well as the center.

The hosts of the booth were impressed by both of my targets and were in absolute disbelief when I told them that I was gun novice.

I realized of course that I had been training for that firing range all day, for three days, as I had been hand-held shooting a medium format camera; aimed and focused, squeezed the trigger gently, while carefully controlling my breathing to avoid blur.

As I exited the NRA area a fellow conventioneer invited me to join him on a hunt on the following weekend but unfortunately I already had a flight booked to return home to New York.

Oliver North, 8×10″ shooting range grid

Oliver North, on the campaign trail, for Spin Magazine 1996

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