Direct Mailer Part 4: Adam Sandler’s Teenage Bride

My favorite item hidden in the French folds of my EUPHEMIST promo is a thank you letter I received from a teenager smitten with Adam Sandler. I recently asked this young women to relay the background of this hand-written note as she remembered it.

I met Chris Buck at a barbecue in my town of Brighton, Ontario during the summer of 2001, he was the uncle of a neighborhood friend. I was in elementary school at the time and had an over the top admiration for Adam Sandler. Shortly into our conversation I divulged this information to Chris, without even knowing his profession. He very calmly told me he had done a photo shoot with Adam Sandler and that Adam was a very nice person. I was speechless, not only did someone seem to show an interest in my schoolgirl crush, but he had met him.

I felt the floor fall out from under me. I did not know what to say or what to do. This was unheard of in my small town of Brighton; where people did not just know celebrities. I proceeded to ask lots of questions: “What was he like? Is he really funny? Can you give him my number?” I was amazed to be in the presence of someone who was so important and yet so humble.

Weeks went by, life went on and I began my final year of elementary school. One day I received something in the mail from New York City. I opened the package to find a real portrait of Adam Sandler and a note from Chris that said, “You are one step closer to your dream date”.  I still remember where I was when I got the package and the excitement I had as I read the note. It was an amazing moment as Chris remembered our conversation, and went out of his way to show his genuine interest. I still cherish that photograph – it has come with me to every apartment I have lived in.

Since then I have finished my schooling and I am currently working as a teacher on the local school board. I was married in June 2010 in the Caribbean and my husband is currently living in the UK to attend medical school. While I do keep very busy, I always find time for a good Adam Sandler movie.

The photo mailed: Adam Sandler, shot October 1993

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One Response to Direct Mailer Part 4: Adam Sandler’s Teenage Bride

  1. Linda Kuo says:

    How incredibly endearing and it’s completely representative of the genuinely kind and generous human being Chris is.

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