Direct Mailer Part 3: Andrew Hetherington Tease

Chris Buck, as shot by Andrew Hetherington, for his Shooting Gallery series

Amongst the many odd and old bio bits hidden in my EUPHEMIST promo is something new and fresh – an on-set portrait of me by Andrew Hetherington. I was very pleased to be asked by Andrew to be included in his series of portraits of photographers at work, but even happier that he allowed me to include this one in my promo piece, even though his series is not public yet AND I’m his direct competition.

Chris Buck and Andrew Hetherington, at a random photo-world event

We came to meet when Andrew approached me at a PDN Annual party many years ago. I was very flattered that this great photographer asked to get his photo taken with me until the next day when I looked at his blog, “What’s The Jackatory?“, and saw that he’d gotten his picture done with nearly everyone in the room.

Nevertheless we’ve become good friends and I’m continuously honored that he talks up my projects and, well, talks with me at all. Speaking of which, Andrew is throwing a contest in which my crazy massive and deeply rich promo Euphemist is being offered as a prize. Go to his blog today to see details.

One of my favorite shoots from Andrew Hetherington - awesome!

Just before Andrew shot this, Bill O'Reilly said, "I won't be giving you those Bachmann Eyes."

Andrew gave me a nice print of this for my sister-in-law, but don't tell anyone.

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2 Responses to Direct Mailer Part 3: Andrew Hetherington Tease

  1. Great blog post.
    Yes Andrew Hetherington is the man!

  2. Love the portrait by Andrew. the wallpaper is rad.

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