iPhone Gets Wood

This is how my iPhone case looks with the phone in it.

I recently got a case for my iPhone. It’s made of bamboo and looks like a camera. It was shipped to me from Hong Kong from Signicase. I think that it’s super cool looking, although ironically the case bounces back the flash when I try taking pictures with it, causing an ugly flare.

Also, it matches my watch.

Not a very good watch, but a great President.

A week after getting the iPhone case I dropped it on a shoot and it shattered into many pieces. Good thing real cameras aren’t made of Bamboo.

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3 Responses to iPhone Gets Wood

  1. Matt says:

    And here’s your drink bottle: http://www.bamboobottleco.com/

    Seriously though, don’t buy one. Mine leaked all the time =(

  2. Darrell Eager says:

    I think you got the watch thing backwards.

  3. bobscott says:

    Somehow I got from reading an article about Andrew Hetherington to this particular blog about your iphone case. Here’s a possible solution Mr. Buck
    http://exovault.com/ probably the most well made case I’ve come across.

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