Lightning Strikes Twice

The first print ad of ConocoPhillips "There's Power in Cooperation" rolled out two weeks ago.

Creative Director Callum MacGregor gets actively involved in our ConocoPhillips print campaign

“Don’t go to Gregory Town, that place is hell on earth!” was pretty much the first thing that she ever said to me. We met at an early meeting for a Diesel campaign that she recommended me for, and when I mentioned casually that my wife and I are going on vacation in the Bahamas I received some pointed travel advice.

So began my relationship with Josette Lata, the freelance Art Buyer who brought me in on Diesel’s Be Stupid campaign, and more recently, ConocoPhillips There’s Power in Cooperation. Josette is opinionated about a lot of things, and she’s not shy to share. One thing that she has full right have strong views on is photography and photographers. She’s done freelance AB work with many of the top agencies, since leaving long-running employment at places like J. Walter Thompson, Bartle Bogle Hegarty and TBWA/ Chiat Day. And worked with some of the world’s top commercial shooters, including multiple jobs with Nadav Kander.

Josette Lata at a ConocoPhillips location, left. Right: me with the Diesel Be Stupid's elephant, Thai

On the Diesel campaign Josette brought me in early then left me to deal directly with the creatives at Anomaly, who are keen to collaborate intensely with photographers. But on ConocoPhillips she worked closely with the CHI And Partners creative team Callum MacGregor and Sean Murray to see that the shooting went smoothly. Both jobs were fun and creative, but I definitely felt well-taken take of when Josette was more in the mix. She expects quality and attention from photographers but also understands their professional wants and needs.

Of course the best thing about having Josette on set is that it’s been a blast getting to know her better. The people she knows, the things she’s done (whether by design or not) are fodder for her passionate stories. I can’t always follow the logic, but I’m enraptured nonetheless. I’m currently encouraging her to write a memoir (and I think that she’s doing it!)

Two posters from the Diesel Be Stupid print campaign, 2010

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