Sarah Wilmer Is My Friend

2 by Sarah Wilmer. Left: from her Portraits collection; right: from I Will Find You On the Beach

Sarah Wilmer is a super talented photographer who I’m pleased to call my friend. I’m pleased mostly because it looks good on me that she’ll be seen with me, but also, she’s a nice person and lot of fun.

Sarah moved to New York from Portland in 2005, she wrote me an e-mail seeking photo assisting work, mentioning in passing that we’d be a good fit since we shared the same heroes. I couldn’t resist and responded back seeking details, she wrote, “As for heroes; Bill Callahan (the Smog one, not the football one), Alfred Hitchcock, Irving Penn and my parents.” Right there I knew she was cool AND sweet, and she hasn’t disappointed since.

She’s long since moved away from assisting and has developed an impressive list of accomplishments, including being in the PDN 30, and write-ups in V Magazine and Communication Arts. I’ve attached a couple of my favorite photographs of hers here but you can see dozens of equally awesome, strange, and perplexing ones on her newly renovated website: For a real treat check out the sections The Small Hours and My Brother Max.

By Sarah Wilmer, from Our Friendship Went in to the Woods

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