Buck Naked, The Seminar

Say "Yes" to meat, and to the Chris Buck talk at PhotoPlus on October 28th, 2011

I’ve been invited to give a lecture at the PDN PhotoPlus Expo in New York next month. I don’t often do public speaking in the city, so this is a rare opportunity to see my schtick live – lots of slides (many in color), self-deprecating humor and life lessons (sort of).

The title of the talk is stupid, but there it is…BUCK NAKED: The Secrets Behind Master Photographer Chris Buck. And the description, in part:

Chris Buck begin his photography career 23 years ago, but you probably didn’t notice him until fairly recently, which, he believes, is one of the central keys to his success. In this entertaining session he’ll take us back to those crucial early years, where his unorthodox decisions led him to the success and creative freedom he enjoys today. Buck keeps no professional secrets as he takes you through his colorful career. 

1:30 – 3:30 PM  October 28th, 2011 

PhotoPlus Expo 2011 Jacob K. Javitz Center, New York, NY

Register here.

Senator George McGovern contact sheet, shot August 18, 1996

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