Make Your Face A Maynards, part 1

My favorite sitter in Maynards print campaign. Released August 29th, 2011

Another reason to live in Canada: Your face could be on the Sour Patch Kid candy.

Maynards Candies is having a contest to “Make Your Face a Maynards.” One lucky Canadian will get 3-D rendering of their face on a Maynards candy next year. I shot the print campaign with The Hive in Toronto, doing our best to show a range of ages and types of ordinary Canadians, to encourage them all to sign onto the Maynards Canada Facebook Page to enter. The contest is open until September 30th, 2011!

The winner will get a year’s supply of the candy with their face on it, a $5000 cash prize and a trip to Toronto for the official candy face photo shoot, but just entering is a blast as they’ve developed an app called “candification” that will take your uploaded photo and show what you would look like as a candy.

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