Make Your Face A Maynards, part 1

My favorite sitter in Maynards print campaign. Released August 29th, 2011

Another reason to live in Canada: Your face could be on the Sour Patch Kid candy.

Maynards Candies is having a contest to “Make Your Face a Maynards.” One lucky Canadian will get 3-D rendering of their face on a Maynards candy next year. I shot the print campaign with The Hive in Toronto, doing our best to show a range of ages and types of ordinary Canadians, to encourage them all to sign onto the Maynards Canada Facebook Page┬áto enter. The contest is open until September 30th, 2011!

The winner will get a year’s supply of the candy with their face on it, a $5000 cash prize and a trip to Toronto for the official candy face photo shoot, but just entering is a blast as they’ve developed an app called “candification” that will take your uploaded photo and show what you would look like as a candy.

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