Bachmann Cover Overdrive

Representative Michele Bachmann, photographed for Newsweek August 1st, 2011

I recently did a sitting with Michele Bachmann for Newsweek, and overnight this became my best-known photograph. One day I’ll have something to say about it.

Representative Bachmann, in the Theodore Roosevelt Room, Willard Hotel, Washington D.C.

An alternate pick of Representative Bachmann, from the photographer's edit

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2 Responses to Bachmann Cover Overdrive

  1. J. Ash Bowie says:

    Huh. I don’t understand the flap. It looks like every other photo of her I’ve seen (in terms of her expression). It’s lit well and the colors are vibrant. Her clothes and hair are fine and she doesn’t have any food in her teeth. I think this is a case of a viral meme that has no basis in reality.

  2. Katie Currid says:

    I can’t wait to see you comment on this photograph. I’ve discussed it in a lot of classes at my university, such as Women in the Media. I’ve heard of a lot of opinions about it and one day it will be nice to hear your thoughts behind it!

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