21st Year in New York

An early New York assignment: Spalding Gray, photographed at his Wooster St apt, October 1990

This week marks my twenty-first year in New York. I moved from my parent’s basement in the Toronto suburb of Etobicoke to Williamsburg, Brooklyn on July 14th, 1990. I took a space in a warehouse building on Bedford Ave, across the hall from some friends. It had a skylight, but no windows, leaving me with a particular challenge when it came to installing air conditioning during my first few months of hot, humid New York summer.

As I was finishing college my professor Dave Heath convinced me that I should move to New York as soon as possible, and work on building a career from the bottom there. He told me that if I thought that I could transplant any Toronto career momentum in New York I would be sorely disappointed.┬áSome editorial supporters already in there, like Bruce Ramsay at Lear’s and Robert Newman with the Village Voice, and then Guitar World, also encouraged me to make the move.

A self-portrait, at my apt on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, Sept 1990

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2 Responses to 21st Year in New York

  1. matt says:

    encouraging! just discovered your work and enjoy it’s sense of humor. good luck with the next 21!

  2. Brian says:

    I cursed you for leaving the sheltering nest.
    Swimming up stream to the bigger pond.
    The struggle made you stronger.
    Proud to have known you.

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