Newsletter Archive: Pop Culture Implosion

In the current issue of PDN (May 2011) Wired Director of Photography Zana Woods is featured, describing her approach to commissioning video for the iPad version of the magazine:

“Honestly, we don’t review any reels.” She says her main concern is having the photographer shoot great stills for the feature stories; if the subject lends itself to adding a video portion, she says,” as long as they [the photographers] have the ability to mimic what they shoot in still with video we’re all set.” For the most part, she says, if a photographer says he or she has some video experience, “that’s good enough for us.”

The piece is about the cultural implosion that is imminent (and desirable) as fringe subcultures move into the mainstream, leaving us culturally devoid. I always considered myself something of a mass media geek, but beyond obscure Star Wars and punk rock references, I got lost in Patton’s touch points pretty quick. It was fascinating to see how knowledgable and complicated this popular comedian really was – this is all very personal for Patton, and it shows.

Director: Chris Buck
Actor, Writer: Patton Oswalt
Cinematographer: Rhys Ernst
Editor: Dhruv Chanchani
Shot for Wired Magazine

from an email newsletter January 2011

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